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Privacy Policy
FUJI KIKAI KOGYO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “this Company”), defines its purpose of usage for personal information as follows.

1. Personal information of parties who have purchased this Company’s products, parties wishing to make such a purchase, or customers who have otherwise contacted or inquired at this Company
(1) Providing information on products by means of sending catalogs, e-mail, or the like
(2) Contact and various support work involved in consultation and inquiries about products and services as well as repair and maintenance

2. Personal information of shareholders
(1) Sending information regarding the general shareholders’ meeting as well as exercising rights and performing duties based on laws and regulations such as the Companies Act
(2) Sending benefits to shareholders and the like

3. Personal information of employees, etc., of client companies and other companies
(1) Making various forms of contact required by work
(2) Implementing work with clients and the like

4. Personal information of staff, public servants, and the like at government agencies
Making various forms of contact, reports, inquiries, and the like required by work

5. Personal information of employment applicants and internship applicants
(1) Making contact required for employment and internship work
(2) Managing employment and internship work and the like

6. Personal information of employees
Mainly for performing human resources and labor work, calculating, determining, and paying wages, managing employment including training and severance, ensuring appropriate work operation, work management, contacting employees from this Company, and the like

7. Personal information of former employees
(1) Making work-related contact after severance and the like
(2) Operating, managing, and providing information regarding former employees’ association

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