Customer Service

Our company’s strength lies in our status as a manufacturer that handles everything from machine development to manufacturing.
We stay close to our customer’s side and meet customer needs using on our advanced technology and know-how cultivated since our founding in 1951.

Periodic Inspections

Preventing problems and trouble in advance

In order to safely use your precious machines and equipment for many years, periodic maintenance is essential.
At FUJI KIKAI KOGYO, we provide periodic machine inspections based on our proposals and requests from customers. (Charges apply.)
Fully utilizing our status as the manufacturer more familiar with the product than anyone else, we detect even slight problems and risks in the machine at an early stage. We can prevent failures before they occur.
We also coordinate with the sales department regarding notifications for discontinued parts and the like to offer proposals to customers in advance.

Patrol Service

Peace of mind and safety after product implementation

We provide the “Patrol service” (unscheduled) free of charge, in which our service members visit customer plants to discover machine problems at an early stage and cover part consumption, deterioration, and the like.
We do not follow the idea of “deliver and done.” Even after the product is installed, we take responsibility as the manufacturer and contribute to our customers’ peace of mind and safety.

Repair Work

Minimizing the problem in the event of trouble

When trouble such as a sudden failure occurs, our service members will rush to you, utilizing their rich experience and knowledge to perform repair and recovery.
*Generally, service is carried out on business days according to our company calendar. However, if you consult with us in advance, we can also perform recovery work and the like on holidays.

Remote Maintenance (Optional)

Changing and modifying control programs, checking instrument status

Our technicians link our remote-dedicated PC to the customer’s printing machine via the Internet and use various tools to perform support.
Machines that can be connected to are limited to those registered in advance, and maintenance is performed after we receive permission from the customer to connect.
If trouble occurs in a printing machine, we can grasp the situation in real time from our Head Office to support recovery.
Actual equipment information gained via remote connection also speeds up cause identification, allowing for a smooth recovery process. In cases where our staff is dispatched on-site as well, on-site work can be done based on proper preparation.
*This service is only available during business hours according to our company calendar.

Modifications / Renewal Work

Wide range of support to handle changing demand and changes in supplied parts

From machine expansions to handle changing demand and renewal plans due to deterioration over time or a change in supplied parts to modification plans to restore productivity and the like, FUJI KIKAI KOGYO performs modifications and renewal work to meet customer requests and issues.

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