Gaining the top share of sales in Japan for both metal printing machines and rotogravure printing machines and delivering our products to 40 countries around the world, FUJI KIKAI KOGYO has continually been selected by customers over the nearly 70 years since its founding. Let us explain why.


Overwhelming top share in the industry

FUJI KIKAI KOGYO’s metal printing machines and metal coating machines boast an approximately 98% share of the Japanese market, and our rotogravure printing machines and laminators boast an approximately 60% share of the domestic market, making us a top leading company of the domestic market. 
Based on praise that our domestic top share products beat the competitors in terms of specs, performance, as well as durability, printing machines manufactured by FUJI KIKAI KOGYO have been delivered in over 40 countries around the world, including not only China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries, but also Middle and South America, Europe, and Africa.
In particular, we have become one of the top corporations in the world for metal printing machines used to print on food cans, drink cans, sweets cans, and the like, as well as for rotogravure printing machines used to print on food packaging film, thus firmly establishing the FUJI KIKAI KOGYO brand.


Accepting orders for custom-made machines that make manufacturer ideals into a reality

Using the rich experience, results, and know-how we have cultivated in the nearly 70 years since our founding, we produce and sell the custom-made printers that our customers need. From meetings to design, manufacturing, and completion, we handle the entire process as we develop a product that meets customer needs. 
We believe that exactly because we have developed numerous custom-made products, we can propose the best solution for production technology as a good partner for our customers.


One-of-a-kind technical skills

Based on the technology for rotogravure printing machines and metal printing machines we cultivated over many years, we engage in developing technology that will lead to the future. In devices for coating material necessary in the manufacturing process for products such as LCD televisions, smartphones, and lithium-ion batteries, FUJI KIKAI KOGYO developed technology for fast application of thin films. It further improved productivity, and we have gained the trust of many customers for separator coating in the field of lithium-ion battery manufacturing. This technology received the Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award (Special Award), becoming a world-class strength unique to FUJI KIKAI KOGYO. As lifestyles change, so do people’s needs. Looking to expand into other manufacturing fields in the future, we are always refining our skills and continuing to create to lead to a new era.



High quality

At FUJI KIKAI KOGYO, we carry out unified production at our own part plants, with thorough quality management in each manufacturing process. Under the motto of “creating products that will make our customers happy,” the Quality Assurance Department performs quality checks in the manufacturing process and carries out strict management to deliver products with peace of mind and safety.


Support organization delivering peace of mind

In addition to our technical skills and high quality, FUJI KIKAI KOGYO boasts another strength: our meticulous support organization. In order to have customers use our products with peace of mind, we have three maintenance service locations in Japan (a dedicated division in our Hiroshima Head Office and affiliated companies in Tokyo and Osaka), as well as maintenance service cooperating companies in Bangkok, Thailand, and Dalian, China for our overseas customers. This organization allows for dedicated staff to swiftly respond to customer requests, questions, and in the event of product trouble. If you have any questions, please feel free to inquire by telephone or e-mail.


Coaters that reliably meet needs

Using our world-renowned thin film coating technology, FUJI KIKAI KOGYO solves our customers’ problems. Boasting high technical skills, technicians specializing in thin film coating use test machines to meet customer needs as quickly as possible. (See here for information on tests.)
Supporting Class 100 cleanliness, we can also achieve equipment design and manufacturing to meet customer needs. Consult with us here first.

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