Rotogravure Printing Machines

Rotogravure Printing Machines

Rotogravure printing is one of the most common printing methods found in our daily lives. This printing method is used in all kinds of fields, from colorful plastic film for packaging food products to wood-pattern printing for furniture or electronics. FUJI KIKAI KOGYO rotogravure printing machines are produced using quality management and advanced technology, with consideration for user preferences and a focus on “improved operation rates” and “accurate and stable printing.”

Product list

An ever-evolving, high-spec, long-seller model boasting reliability and results!

MD Series(Film Applications)

We apply decades of know-how to create added value for our customers’ products.

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Latest world-renowned international model!

FMD Series(Film Applications)

This model is mainly used for overseas uses. It supports large-diameter material.

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Take part in the future! Next generation flagship model equipped with newly-developed automation technology

FSR Series(Film Applications)

This model’s labor-saving and power-saving capabilities improve your production environment.

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The gravue printing machine in order to granting a sustainable future,user-friendly and environment friendly purpose.


The short running type gravue printing machine which be developed for change environment of work from dangerous , dirty and hard situation .

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Compact yet high-performance! Space-saving model!

FMS Series(Film Applications)

This is a high-performance model that, despite its compact design, supports a rich variety of options.

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Dedicated large model for printing on paper material

PMD Series(Paper Applications)

Producing results in a wide variety of uses from wallpaper to paper cups. Dedicated large model for paper

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