Space saving and automation

PRIMEX-P453S(Metal Printing Machine)

PRIMEX-P453S is an offset printing machine for 45 inch (1145mm) width metal sheet, applicable with conventional ink, UV ink and LED-UV ink. P453S printing machine has a shorter shorter feed table structure, compared to P453.



Machine installation space saving

The line length for P453S is shorter than that for P453 by maximum 20%. (*1)
"S"" of P453S stands for a short feed table.
*1 : 6 color UV printing line"


Vacuum type feed table

Vacuum type feed table enables high registration accuracy even on short feed tables.


Automated sheet phase adjustment device

Automated sheet phase adjustment function between printing units at the time of sheet size change is newly added.


Less damages to substrates

New feeder (PRIMEX-F453) provides better sheet handling and reduces scratches on thin tinplates and aluminum sheets. F453 feeder also ensures less sheet jamming, due to stable sheet feeding.

Client Voice

One of Japan’s top metal printing manufacturers which owns all of FUJI KIKAI KOGYO’s metal printing machine models

Tomiyasu Metal Printing Co., Ltd.

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Unit control panel and sheet phase adjustment system

Automatic nip pressure adjustment system

Vacuum type delivery conveyor and feed table

Automatic sheet size change

Option: Semi-automatic plate change (SAPC)

Option: Printing plate remote control

Option: Ink fountain remote control system (INKPRO)

Option: Gripper lay remote control

Option: Automatic blanket wash

Standard specifications

Machine speed
7,500 Sheets/hour (125 Sheets/min)
Operation speed
6,000 Sheets/hour (100 Sheets/min)
*Depending on production condition
Maximum sheet size
1,145mm x 950mm x 0.4mm
Minimum sheet size
710mm x 510mm x 0.12mm
Maximum printing area
1,135mm x 945mm
Printing plate size
1,160mm x 1,040mm x 0.3mm
Blanket size
(aluminum bar type )
1,174mm x 1,106mm x 1.9mm