High coating accuracy and stable productivity

PRIMEX-C452(Metal Coating Machine)

PRIMEX-C452 is a highly stable and accurate machine for metal coating and varnishing, applicable to 45 inch (1145mm) width sheet. A wide range of applications is available from white base, gold varnish, sizing, clear varnish, water-based coating, and UV varnish.



Troubleless coater

Pusher system is adopted and improved to overcome disadvantage of vacuum system, for better sheet registration. Double scraper system is equipped to avoid dirty back problems. Ductor and pressure rollers with an individual motor prevent flashing problem from happening. Sheet gauging system for lateral and circumferential directions is adopted. Lacquer cylinder supported with pneumatic cylinders enables a uniform coating.


Improved operation ability

Pneumatic cylinders for ductor and pressure rollers avoid roller vibrations. Tooth clutch system provides us with easy lacquer cylinder replacement. Running registration system enables lacquer cylinder phase adjustment, even during operation.



Double scraper system

Sheet gauge system for lateral and circumferential directions

Lacquer cylinder fixed with pneumatic cylinder

Operation side

Drive side

Standard specifications

Machine speed
7,500 Sheets/hour (125 Sheets/min)
Operation speed
6,000 Sheets/hour (100 Sheets/min)
*Depending on production condition
Maximum sheet size
1,145mm x 950mm x 0.4mm
Minimum sheet size
680mm x 473mm x 0.12mm