For 1200mm width sheet printing and space-saving

PRIMEX-P1200S(Metal Printing Machine)

PRIMEX-P1200S is an offset printing machine for 1200mm (approx. 48 inch) width metal sheet, applicable with conventional ink, UV ink, and LED-UV ink, with an advantage of machine space-saving.



For 1200mm x 1000mm sheet

PRIMEX-P1200S is developed for 1200mm x 1000mm size sheet printing with high quality, accurate registration, and high productivity, equivalent to PRIMEX-P453S. This model ensures flexible sheet size optimization for downstream process due to bigger size sheet selection.


Space saving

The same machine width and line length as P453S is accomplished as space-saving printing line, applicable to 1200mm width sheet.


As many options as PRIMEX-P453S available

Horizontal feeder for 1200mm x 1000mm sheet (PRIMEX-F1200) is included in PRIMEX-P1200S printing line. Vacuum stacker (VS1200) is available as recommended option. PRIMEX-C1200 coater can also be connected with PRIMEX-P1200S printing line as in-line coater.


Overview of PRIMEX-P1200S

Horizontal feeder (PRIMEX-F1200)

Printing unit #1

Printing unit #2

Printing unit #3 with SAPC

LED-UV inter deck

LED-UV set stack

Vacuum stacker (VS1200) #1

Vacuum stacker (VS1200) #2

Operation panel, operation panel for INKPRO, and checker table

Standard specifications

Machine speed
7,500 Sheets/hour (125 Sheets/min)
Operation speed
6,000 Sheets/hour (100 Sheets/min)
*Depending on production condition
Maximum sheet size
1,200mm x 1,000mm x 0.4mm
Minimum sheet size
710mm x 510mm x 0.12mm
Maximum printing area
1,190mm x 995mm
Printing plate size
1,215mm x 1,090mm
Blanket size
(aluminum bar type)
1,224mm x 1,156mm