Further improvements on the famous machine that made the laminating chamber doctor a world standard!

FL2 series(Dry laminator)

Various applications including sweets, retort pouch food products, frozen foods, and more



Rewinding technology, winding core lossless brush cutter system and uniform torque rewinding

This machine reduces wrinkles in the winding core and prevents winding tightness to achieve a beautiful wound product.


Using a near-roll device in combination to dramatically reduce rewinding loss

The amount of air for folding is reduced and the pass length is shortened to prevent misaligned winding and wrinkles.


Improving operation rates and safety through the chamber doctor

(Cut amount of solvent used by up to 30% in comparisons made by FUJI KIKAI KOGYO)
This controls viscosity fluctuation and significantly extends the service lives of the doctor blade and coating roll.

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Coating roller unit

AQ type Chamber doctor device

Lossless Rewinding device

NO.1 Zone dryer

NO.2.3 Zone dryer

Roll material chucking unit(Long stroke)

Standard specifications

General plastic film, aluminum, paper
Material width
1,050 / 1,150 / 1,250mm
Machine speed
Max. 200 m/min, 250 m/min
Coating method
Rotogravure direct method, AQ chamber method
Unwinding / Rewinding diameter
Ø600, Ø800 mm