Stabilizes the ink or paint viscosity to support improved printing quality

FVC-100D3/150D3(Viscosity Controller)

This device circulates the ink or paint while performing automatic adjustments to keep the ink or paint at a uniform viscosity during the printing or coating processes. An appropriate viscosity is always ensured for stable printing quality.



Diaphragm pump keeps ink and paint viscosity uniform while preventing retention

Diaphragm pump keeps ink and paint viscosity uniform while preventing retention


Ink and paint viscosity can be controlled in ±0.5 seconds or less

Our original counter is used to perform measurements, enabling stable control. Even more stable control can be achieved if certain criteria are met. (Temperature, air pressure, clean air, etc.)


Stable viscosity supplied to reduce printing loss

A significant amount of printing loss due to the ink/paint viscosity can be prevented. Operation is also easy, helping reduce the burden on the operator.

Standard specifications

Circulation hose
〇Outlet side
【FVC-100D3】Ø10 x Ø6.5 2.5 m
【FVC-150D3】Ø12 x Ø8 2.5 m
〇Intake side
【FVC-100D3】Ø12 x Ø8 2.5 m
【FVC-150D3】Ø12 x Ø9 2.5 m
Used air pressure
【FVC-100D3】0.4 MPa
【FVC-150D3】0.35 MPa
Air usage amount
〇Control operation (Solvent circulation)
【FVC-100D3】40 l/min
【FVC-150D3】85 l/min

〇Control cleaning (Solvent circulation)
【FVC-100D3】120 l/min
【FVC-150D3】120 l/min
Ink (paint) circulation amount
〇Zahn cup #3 (For 13 to 30 seconds)
【FVC-100D3】4.7 to 2.6 l/min
【FVC-150D3】10.9 to 5.4 l/min

〇Zahn cup #3 (For 15 seconds)
【FVC-100D3】4.1 l/min
【FVC-150D3】9.3 l/min
〇Seven-segment LED display
【FVC-100D3】Seat key switch setting
〇Stainless steel solvent tank (With liquid level indicator): 10 l / 14 l / 18 l
〇Viscosity controller dedicated carriage (With casters)
〇Ink circulation route branch
〇Central control specifications
〇Complete stainless steel specifications (Clean specifications)
〇Zahn cup #2 support
〇Water-base ink support (Requires a test)
〇Can also support various special specifications.