High-end model that absolutely minimizes rewind loss

FML2 series(Dry laminator)

We hope you experience its clean and high-quality production.



Stationary splicing by a rewind accumulator

This can significantly reduce failures during splicing.


Reduced core loss by approx. 50% (Comparison done by FUJI KIKAI KOGYO)

The slide-type cutter, which does not involve folding the media during splicing, drastically reduces the winding core loss.


Installed a filter in the air supply section

This prevents foreign material contamination, thus maintaining quality.


Space-saving triple-roll accumulator

Installation is possible with less space than for a double-roll type.

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Coating unit Chamber doctor device

Accumulator unit

Rewinder unit Stillness splicing Near roller

Standard specifications

General plastic film, aluminum, paper
Material width
1,050 / 1,150 / 1,250mm
Machine speed
Max. 200 m/min, 250 m/min
Coating method
Direct rotogravure method, AQ chamber method
Unwinding / Rewinding diameter
Ø600, Ø800, Ø1,000 mm