High-resolution camera makes visual confirmation easier

STPV-7000(Still Imaging Device (Rotogravure New Model))

This device displays the register and pattern being printing on a monitor. The use of a stepping motor enables operation to be linked with the fault detection device.



Check the register and pattern being printing on the monitor

Parts that are difficult to see with the naked eye or the handy stroboscope can easily be seen on the monitor. High reproducibility allows you to check even more detailed sections.


The latest model is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera for even more higher definition

Compared to the conventional camera, resolution has been improved by approximately 3.8 times, allowing users to check the register or pattern with even better definition.


An image processing function makes it easier to detect light faded parts or black and navy blue that are difficult to see with the naked eye

Our original image processing technology enables the user to spot things that previously could not be seen. This device also supports special colors, thin film coating, and the like. (Requires a test)


Load previously recorded data

This can record patterns printed previously and load over 100 such patterns, making it extremely useful when printing repeat products and the like.


LED Lighting

Camera/ Zoom Lens


STPV-7000 ①Camera box with Traversed rail

STPV-7000 ②Camera box with Traversed rail

Standard specifications

1CMOS, 5 megapixels, digital
Zoom lens
18x zoom
6x optical zoom
3x digital zoom
Zoom position can be recorded
Display scope
Wide-angle: 135 mm x 100 mm
Zoom: 22.5 mm x 16.7 mm
Double: 11 mm x 8.3 mm
Triple: 7.5 mm x 5.6 mm
Illuminating method
4 lamps, LED-type strobe lights
21.5-inch touch monitor
32-inch touch monitor (Optional)
Camera movement speed (Max.)
Stepping motor
10 to 300 mm/sec (Normal operation)
700 mm/sec (Fault detection linkage)
Touch monitor only
Supports touch pens.
Camera color adjustment
Adjustments of three colors (RGB) supported
Supported speed When printing cylinder circumference length is 500 m
Supports various printing speeds.
Web width setting
Point-to-point setting
Screen position recording
Recording locations: 16 locations or more
Over 100 patterns can be recorded.
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
〇Fault linkage type (Standard specifications)
〇White/black inversion mode
〇Special paint, etc., support (Requires a test)
〇Preset functions
〇Can also support various special specifications.