For 1200mm width sheet application and improved operation ability (Newly developed product!)

PRIMEX-C1200(Metal Coating Machine)

The latest metal coating and varnishing machine with high operation ability is released to the market. PRIMEX-C1200 is applicable to 1200mm x 1000mm size sheet, and a various type of lacquering is available such as white base coating, water-based coating, gold varnish, clear varnish, sizing, and UV varnish.



Troubleless coater

Pusher system is adopted, instead of vacuum system, for better sheet registration. Double scraper system ensures less "Dirty Back" coating. Independent motor for ductor and pressure rollers is equipped to avoid flashing problems.


Improved operation ability

φ324 to φ339 lacquer cylinder can be utilized, thanks to an independent lacquer cylinder motor. Manual sheet size setting device is easy to operate with a handle. Exhaust air cover is newly designed. PRIMEX-C1200 is connectable with PRIMEX-P1200 printing machine as in-line coater.

Standard specifications

Machine speed
7,500 Sheets/hour (125 Sheets/min)
Operation speed
6,000 Sheets/hour (100 Sheets/min)
*Depending on production condition
Maximum sheet size
1200mm x 1000mm x 0.4mm
Minimum sheet size
710mm x 510mm x 0.12mm
Maximum coating area
1,135mm x 945mm