Improved printing quality, more stable registration, and faster balance stabilization between ink and water are achieved

PRIMEX-P453(Metal Printing Machine)

PRIMEX-P453 is an offset printing machine for 45 inch (1145mm) width metal sheet, applicable with conventional ink, UV ink, and LED-UV ink.



Improved printing quality

New inking roller layout is designed for better ink-flow, more stable ink-density, and anti-emulsification.


Less make-ready time

New inking roller layout provides less make-ready time, due to faster balance stabilization between ink and water before production run.


Better maintenance ability

Automatic inking roller nip pressure retention system has been developed for more stable printing quality and better maintenance ability.


More stable registration

Sheet feeding to grippers has become more accurate, improved from long time best seller machines, PRIMEX-P452. New horizontal type sheet feeder enables more stable sheet feeding and registration.


Less damages to substrates

New feeder (PRIMEX-F453) provides better sheet handling and reduces scratches on thin tinplates and aluminum sheets. F453 feeder also ensures less sheet jamming, due to stable sheet feeding.

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One of Japan’s top metal printing manufacturers which owns all of FUJI KIKAI KOGYO’s metal printing machine models

Tomiyasu Metal Printing Co., Ltd.

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F453 (new Feeder model)

New inking roller layout

External cylinder gears and automatic lubricator

Oscillation ink roller phase adjustment system

Continuous dampening water system (PRIMATIC-Ⅱ)

Standard specifications

Machine speed
7,500 Sheets/hour (125 Sheets/min)
Operation speed
6,000 Sheets/hour (100 Sheets/min)
*Depending on production condition
Maximum sheet size
1,145mm x 950mm x 0.4mm
Minimum sheet size
710mm x 510mm x 0.12mm
Maximum printing area
1,135mm x 945mm
Printing plate size
1,160mm x 1,040mm x 0.3mm
Blanket size
(aluminum bar type)
1,174mm x 1,106mm x 1.9mm