Coating Method

We perform various kinds of demonstration tests for coating and lamination.
We also perform tests to meet customer needs. Please feel free toinquire for more information.

Quadruple squeeze roll method

No. Roll Name Material Speed Proportion Notes
1 Application Steel  
2 Doctor Steel 10 Heating
3 Metering Rubber 50  
4 Coating Steel 100 Heating
5 Packing Rubber 100  
6 Cooling Steel 100 Cooling
Wet coating film thickness *1 1 to 5 μm
Supported viscosity for coating *2 Up to 1,500 mPa⋅s
Notes *1: Varies depending on paint viscosity and processing speed.
*2: Varies depending on coating film thickness and processing speed.Coating may be possible even outside the specified scope.Please inquire with us regarding whether a test is possible.

Test Information

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