Test Machine Introduction

We perform various kinds of demonstration tests for coating and lamination.
We also perform tests to meet customer needs. Please feel free to inquire for more information.

Test Machine #1


Coating method Rotogravure direct methodDirect reverse method
Rotogravure kiss reverse method
*Coating method switchable
Material width 100 to 1,150 mm
Material transport speed 1 to 300 m/min
Drying / Curing method Hot air drying, max. 110°C, 2.7 m x 3 zones
UV (ultraviolet) curing
Unwinding device Bi-axial turret type (maximum web diameter of 600 mm)
Rewinding device Bi-axial turret type (maximum web diameter of 800 mm)

Technicians specializing in thin-film coating use various measurement instruments to find solutions for coating fluid trouble and coating trouble.

We also have technicians knowledgeable in coating fluid on standby. We gather together our technology to fully support our customers.

Test Information